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03 August 2020 @ 07:32 pm
RULES & Request Post  


RULES for Reading:

C     This Rules Can you NOW Read here @ My LJ Profile

About I Upload My Stuff:

C    FRIENDS ONLY: I look all media posts Freinds only, exceptions are Lyrics, when I write out by my own.

C      I will Upload as DVD in result of my Poll!!

C       When you would have an another like .avi or .mp4 (iPod) please Request it here

C       I Upload first on Megaupload:

v    Splitsize: 500 MB

When you have a Problem with MU or The Part Size

-> Please send me a PM or Comment in each Post


What you can requested, can you see in my Discographies

Make Request please by Comment here or PM – Thank you…

Request List can You see here @ [info]beloved_melody (RAW Only)

REQUESTS for Subbing

If you have a Request for Subbing, so Please Request it here...
But Please make sure that your Request is not Subbet by another, or
Request it from another!!! I will only sub Stuff that no one subbet yet...

If you request from me, so
please Provide/Search the Lyrics & RAW for me,
because I'm not aTranslator...

And Please Wait, because I have a Real Life too....
When you not can Wait, please Request it not from me... Thanks

Please use This Form for you request:



Lyric: Link me… Or I must search it

RAW: Link me… If I not Have it, I must search it

Note: What ever you will say to me…

Having Fun With Requesting...

Subbing Request List:

Artist Song (PV / Live @ ... from Date) Lyric RAW By: Note Status
Access Moonshine Dance (PV) Yes Yes axs_freak / Timing

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Shugo Hanasakidogboyshugo on August 12th, 2010 03:30 am (UTC)
Hi, i'd lke to request the Access DVD specials, the ones after the 2002 Concert please. Binary Engine tour and Diamond Cycle or something like that. Please ^^ I think they're included in that package and if not can i request this concert

Access Tour 2002 “Crossbridge” Live at Tokyo International Forum

Thanks ^^
Sherry-True: Access 9sherry_true on August 12th, 2010 05:02 pm (UTC)
Access DVD Specials???? What do you mean????
Do you mean The Anniversary box??? Or The DVD extras of the albums???

I do not have The Access Tour 2002 “Crossbridge” Live at Tokyo International Forum, so I am not able uploadet... Sorry...
But I become uploadet if I buy this... (I will buy this next month, perhaps...)

In my Discographies I have written what I have and what not...

Please look here: http://sherry-true.livejournal.com/1663.html
and then make your request???
Sherry-True: Access 13sherry_true on August 16th, 2010 05:38 pm (UTC)
i will upload this as soon as possible